Jam-packed, action-packed and compact. These are just a few words that can be used to describe this year’s Kishugu Lowveld Air Show that will be happening on May 11.

The air show was officially launched at Emnotweni Casino on Wednesday, with the theme “Fast and Furious”.

Johan Heine, Kishugu CEO, said that it was a nationwide decision to make air shows shorter, so this year’s air show will only start at 14:00.

But that does not mean you should expect anything less spectacular than last year’s show, that won the prize for South Africa’s best air show of 2018.

What it does mean is faster flights and acts following faster after one another, with speed and colour playing a major role.

“Here in South Africa we need to start using pyrotechnics and more colour in our skies. Unfortunately there are very strict rules that sometimes limit us,” Heine said.

Naranda Leeuwner, who is member of the air show’s committee, said that they are hopeful to also incorporate a laser show this year, after the aerial acrobatics.

She also announced that this year the ticket prices for the air show will also be cheaper, and include a special pensioner rate. Keep an eye on the air show’s Facebook page for sales and specials.

Johan Prinsloo, who attended the launch, said that he was very excited about his very first air show, while another attendee, Antoinette Fourie, said that she was amazed with what they come up with every year.

Save the date to let your adventurous side take a fast and furious flight at the Kishugu Lowveld Air Show.